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About Attorney Steven J. Bruzonsky


Attorney Bruzonsky was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1953. He obtained his undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Arts (BA), from the University of Minnesota in 1974, with majors in Political Science and Urban Planning. He obtained his law degree, Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD), from the George Washington National Law Center (Washington, D.C.). He began his career as a lawyer in 1978 while living in Minnesota. Attorney Bruzonsky served as an Air Force Lawyer and Captain, Judge Advocate General Corps, United States Air Force, stationed at Williams AFB (Chandler, AZ) from 1979-1983. He then was admitted to the Arizona Bar and practiced law as an Associate Attorney with the Law Offices of James C. Dutson, Mesa, AZ from 1983 to 1986. In 1987, he started his own practice representing injured claimants. He has been a Sustaining Member of the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association and a member of the Maricopa County Bar Association and State Bar of Arizona for many years. 


Attorney Bruzonsky's law practice now limited to exclusively handling subrogation/lien claims, for other attorneys only, in very large personal injury or medical malpractice cases. Attorney Bruzonsky only works with other attorneys representing clients on personal injury or medical malpractice cases. He does not give advise or handle subrogation/lien claims for unrepresented claimants.


However, if you have a potentially large and most serious personal injury or medical malpractice claim, Attorney Bruzonsky can refer you to top notch Arizona attorneys who are most qualified to handle such a case for you.


Attorney Bruzonsky is peer review rated by Lexis Nexis/Martindale-Hubbell, which means that other attorneys vouch for his legal ability and high ethical standards.

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